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Chris LeVan
Milton Township Assessor


It has been an exciting year so far for Milton Township Assessor’s Office. Since I took office on January 1st of this year, we have been working to transform our operations and processes to better serve the taxpayer. A few highlights:


  • When I took office, I discovered many New Construction permits had not been adequately followed up on during the prior year. My staff and I have focused on tracking down, inspecting, and adding these properties and improvements to the tax rolls, thus ensuring their property tax burden is not shifted to their neighbors. The numbers tell the story: our 2014 New Construction assessment total stands at 44,049,850, over 2.5 times the previous year’s total of 17,175,854.

  • We are transitioning our office to a new CAMA (Computerized Assessment and Mass-Appraisal) system, the same system used by almost all of DuPage County. I believe this will lead to greater uniformity, accuracy, and fairness in the assessment process. This migration will be completed in time to use our new system for the 2015 General Reassessment Year. The Township-wide reassessment the State of Illinois mandates we complete every four years.

  • We have hit the ground running in responding to the turbulence in the local real estate market. For 2014, we have analyzed, reassessed, and reduced assessments on over 1,700 condo and townhome properties in some of the neighborhoods that have been hardest hit by the market decline. We shall continue this process of proactively and aggressively responding to the market’s volatility during the 2015 General Reassessment Year.

  • We closed our 2014 Assessment books on August 15th, over 90 days before the State’s statutory deadline.

  • My staff now consists of seven employees and four consultants, with a combined total of 212 years of experience in the real estate appraisal and property tax assessment fields.

  • We have retooled, streamlined, and relaunched our office’s web site and its Online Assessment Database.

  • We have modernized our office’s outdated software to the most current versions of Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Database Server, and Microsoft Office. Additionally, we have moved to industry-standard Apex CAD software for all ongoing and future Commercial and Residential building drawings.


There is far more work ahead as we transform our office and move it forward. I’ve only been on the job 8 months, but my staff and I are committed to serving YOU with respect, efficiency, and the highest standards of customer service, and delivering a new fairness and accuracy in the Milton Township assessment process. We welcome you to come visit our office, or call us at 630-653-5220. You can also email us at, or visit our web site here at




Chris E. LeVan

Milton Township Assessor


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Latest News

2014 Assessment Changes Published


All 2014 assessment changes (for reasons other than the 2014 Township Equalization Factor of .9970) were published in the September 4, 2014 editions of the Glen Ellyn Suburban Life and the Wheaton Suburban Life Newspapers. All properties reassessed for 2014 also received a Notice of Revised Assessment in the mail.


By State law, our 2014 assessments are based on the prior three years' worth of sales, that is, sales from 2011, 2012, and 2013. Most 2014 assessments have gone down compared to the previous year.


Additionally, the September 4th publication of 2014 assessment changes also commenced the annual 30-day assessment appeal filing period with the DuPage County Board of Review. The deadline for filing 2014 assessment appeals for Milton Township is October 6, 2014.


Please also note that all 2014 assessments are still subject to final equalization by the DuPage County Board of Review and the State of Illinois Department of Revenue.

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